Monday, June 6, 2016

Little Passports Giveaway Winner and a Discount

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A huge thank you to everyone who entered our Little Passports World Coin Collection giveaway! Congratulations to our winner, Gale L.

Interested in purchasing the World Coin Collection for your kids? Click the image below...

In addition, for a limited time Little Passports is offering 15% off all subscriptions. This would be a great time to scoop up a good deal and surprise the kids with a fun summer activity...

Watch for another fun giveaway coming soon!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Little Passports World Coin Collection Giveaway

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There is nothing better when you're trying to get your kids interested in something they are learning, than  being able to let them touch it, turn it over, investigate it, and use it in their everyday imaginary play. I have been familiar with the Little Passports subscription boxes since they launched, but only recently discovered that you can buy individual activities and collections from them as well. I have a HUGE passion for developing a love for travel and culture in children as early as possible, and the World Coin Collection is a COOL way to get them excited!

The World Coin Collection includes 20 actual coins from countries around the world. Authentic coins kids can play with and study. It also comes with a magnifying glass and an activity pack with worksheets and other educational resources.

Don't want to wait for the giveaway to end? 
Get your world coin collection now for $19.95.

Teacher in a classroom and want to introduce the Little Passports World Edition to your students? Read the Little Passports' blog, Introducing the World Edition Classroom Subscription.

Homeschoolers, there is something for you, too! Do you know Little Passports has FREE homeschool resources? Click here to access Little Passports' FREE resources for homeschooling families!

And, now, enter the giveaway...

Monday, May 2, 2016

Enroll Your Child In British Soccer Camp This Summer

This is a sponsored post via US Family Guide.

Summer is coming and there are probably dozens of activities you'd love to sign your kids up for. Last summer we let P participate in a week of British soccer camp, and he loved it! Even better, I was impressed as well. They make learning skills and doing drills fun. The kids were laughing every day! We will be participating again this year.

If you have been considering soccer at all as a summer activity, you will want to take a look these camps coming near to you...

Here are the details:

~ Programs available across the U.S. in nearly every major market
~Ages 3-18
~Teaches soccer skills, but also character development and cultural education
~Genuine British soccer players trained to coach each skill level

 Find out if there is a camp coming to your neighborhood!
Participants receive a t-shirt and ball in the cost of the camp.

Want to also receive a free water bottle?
Use code USFG16 at checkout.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Celebrate National Coin Week with Little Passports!

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It's National Coin Week in the US! Collecting coins can help you learn about science, history, places and events. I have been holding onto foreign currency since I started traveling over 20 years ago and love that my kids now have coins that are no longer in ciruclation to look at and learn from. Your kids can do the same with the new Little Passports' World Coin Collection. 

LIttle Passports Kits

Little Passports' World Coin Collection offers various coins from around the world, a pouch to hold the coins, a magnifying glass, and a 10-page booklet featuring fun coin activities and trivia. 

What country's coins would your kids love to play with?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Displaying the Multiplication Tables

"Mom, you know the periodic table poster I have on my bedroom wall?
 I wish I had a poster like that for times tables."

Is there a parent on the planet who wouldn't jump straight onto the Internet and try to fulfill that dream? It's not a toy or a video game!  In case I'm not the only parent with a child interested in math, I thought I'd share some of the option I found online this afternoon...


This post does include affiliate links.
Purchasing from them may result in a small income for family.

The one B will want...
Quantum Prints-Etsy
Variety of sizes starting at $10.93
Printed on white archival paper
A vintage-inspired option
My Bearded Pigeon-Etsy
36x24, $51.25-several colors available
Cotton Fabric
A traditional laminated version
Another laminated option
36x24, $12.00
This would be a fun one to mark mastery levels
20x20 with a variety of medium options
starting at $17.19.
Dry-Erase Fatheads Decal
LOVE Fatheads, such great quality!
24x24, $54.99
Alternative to a poster:
 Bulletin Board Set
Monster Families for 1-12, $15.00
Which of these would your kids love to have on their wall?
Pin one to share with your friends!

Prices subject to change.


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