Friday, September 23, 2011

New Surprises In Old Things

Today's Teaching Your Child Joy Activity was to "put new surprises into old fairy tales."  I wasn't going to do it (are you sensing a theme here?).  After an afternoon playdate I was prepared to call school off for today.  With Peyton taking a late nap, I hoped Beck would just entertain himself while I finished the laundry (or checked my email).  What Beck wanted to do instead was play a game.  I put down the dirty clothes, turned off the computer, and said, "Sure, why not."


Beck wanted Risk, but we compromised with Candy Land.  He chose the blue and green guys because they match and gave me the red and yellow guys because they match.  He laid out the board and I removed the rubber band from the cards.  This is the point where student became the teacher and Beck surprised me.  Grabbing the rubber band, he wrapped it around all four playing pieces and exclaimed, 
"Now they can move together and we'll all get to the King's Candy Castle together!"
 He amazes me.  I amazed myself this evening...

Eating out as a family, Beck got a little antsy and then just quit listening.  After enticing distractions quit working I gave appropriate warning and then stuck to my word.  Beck and I went to the car with his food still on the table, my husband and Peyton staying to finish their meal.  I was irate!  Beck was horrified.  We sat in the car with him crying and me trying not to scream.  Then today's activity came back to mind.  I let Beck crawl into the front seat and started telling him "Goldilocks & the Three Bears Meets Little Red Riding Hood."  With a few last tears running down his cheek, he started listening, threw his head back, and started laughing uncontrollably!  We finished that story and then moved on to "Hansel & Gretel Meets Three Little Pigs."  And when we were rejoined by the other half of our family, we re-told our hybrid stories again.  (Warning:  Your little ones will remember your new story in far more detail than you will...Pay close attention to the tale you're spinning.)

The point I'm trying to make today is that in this little project I've started, it's my behaviour that is beginning to change.  My boys are perfect creations of their Heavenly Father who just need guiding and time to reach their divine potential.  While teaching them, if I also allow myself a little growing and learning, we might just all turn out okay.


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