Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not A 1/2 Hour Lesson

Spontaneity, it turns out, is not something you can teach once during naptime and be done.  It's a life skill we need to keep doing over and over again throughout the day.  Today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity was to

"Help them relive spontaneous joy moments by remembering."

We, of course, talked lots more about the praying mantis along with other silly things.  I think a great way to do this activity would be looking through family photos.  Children's stories become their histories.  

For school today we made this school box to hold our supplies

and Lemon Buddies for a delicious treat


  1. Michelle, this is awesome. I am excited to keep posted on this part of your lives. I've just learned a bunch from your few blog posts and am drawn in, I think I just need to read that book too.
    Thanks- again- for some great inspiration.

  2. Just had to pop over and check out your blog! It's awesome!

    I think this is a GREAT idea! Can't wait for Poppet to become old enough to really remember and instill this in her little life!

    Warmest regards,
    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!


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