Monday, September 26, 2011

Physical Joys: Spontaneity: Fun & Unexpected Results

Today's Teaching Your Child Joy activity was merely to do things that bring about fun and unexpected reactions.  It reminded me of a day last summer when I stripped the boys down to their skivvies and sent them out for painting in the yard...

This weekend Beck got new markers at Ikea that have a stamp on the top end.  Today for school he started out stamping and coloring on paper, but quickly decided he wanted to decorate himself.  With the understanding that it meant he'd have to take a bath tonight, Mom consented and he happily got carried away.  The last time I checked on him, both arms and both legs were amply covered in stamps.
 And to continue with our Autumn theme, we adapted a cute idea I saw this morning (sorry, I can't for my life find the blog I saw it on).  Using lentils, split peas, kidney beans, and wild rice, we made our own changing colors leaf.

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