Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing Games (and a little math)

Today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity-
Play surprise oriented games

Today we got Peyton (my 18-month-old) into the action with a great game of peek-a-boo.  We were playing at the park when he started covering his face and waiting for us to notice.  Pretty soon we were all laughing while Beck and Peyton covered their faces together and Peyton got me to play by smothering my face with his hands and then not understanding the part about ever taking them off.  The game got even more fun when Peyton started walking around the corner of the restroom building and then peeking his blonde head out sideways with a devilish grin.  By the end we were all laughing uncontrollably.

Last night Beck and I were playing his version of a game a toss-and-catch game we own.  We chased each other around, racing to get to the ball and scoop it up with our hooks.  It was after we'd been running and laughing and were out of breath for quite awhile that the real thought came to me, "I'm playing with my son!" I usually only play begrudgingly and as minimally as possible, pushing that responsibility off on my husband.  I am astounded at how much my priorities and motivations are changing already after less than one week of focusing on teaching my children joy!

Today for school we worked on counting:
Counting chart using foam number and dried beans

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