Thursday, September 29, 2011

Popcorn Popping...

I've tried today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity before.  It's one of my favorite childhood memories and I tried to re-create it about a year ago.  It went disappointingly wrong...

"Pop popcorn without a lid."

See, the first time, I sent my husband on a wild goose chase to find the exact popper I remembered as a kid.  It had to be round and the lid needed to turn over into a bowl.  My mom used to turn ours on in the middle of the living room floor and let the popcorn kernels was always a huge party!  With my idyllic childhood memories, what could go wrong, right?  A couple things, apparently.

I followed the normal popcorn popping directions: 
    1.  Put oil in the popper and then add popcorn.  
    2.  Turn on and wait excitedly for the popping.
I added:
    1. Leave the lid off the bowl.
    2. Put my child close enough to hover over the popping machine.

When the corn started popping it was as exciting as in my memories...for about 2 seconds.  After that the oil started spattering and spraying a hot mist around the room and onto both Beck and me.  He was terrified (though it wasn't enough to cause any danger) and went running away, and I was saddened to have ruined a great experience through my own bout of not thinking.  

So, it was with great apprehension that we tried this activity again today... 
 It was everything I'd hoped a year ago that it would be, but please learn from my mistake: 
 It works 100% better without the oil in the bottom of the pan!



  1. Following u back thanks for stopping by

  2. This sounds like a fun thing to try with my little guys. I hate it when you have a great plan and you fail to think of all the details. They learn from our not being perfect too! I am happy to follow this great blog! I Found you over on Heartfelt Balance/Handmade life and noticed a lot of your followers also follow my blog. :)
    -Robyn from

  3. That's a great point, Robyn! Glad you stopped by.


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