Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Practicing Spontaneity

Today's Teaching Your Child Joy activity was pretty simple: Continue doing spontaneous things together.  Again my inclination was to skip it.  I was gone over the weekend and needed to run errands today.  Beck and Peyton were still reeling over the weekend with Daddy and were less than enthusiastic about joining me.  With all three of us grumbling, we piled in the car and headed out for the day.

Heading first to the library, I was thinking about a picture book we checked out recently called Subway.  In the story it is raining in New York City and the father decides to take his two kids for a day-long ride on the underground trains.  Making a U-turn, I decided to take my two boys on an adventure of our own.  Instead of running errands, we drove north about half an hour and hopped on our local light-rail train.  Beck and Peyton were both so excited, and I even got excited when we transferred onto one of the newly opened lines we'd never ridden before.  Our favorite thing on the train is to hear the electronic lady say, "End of the line, as far as we go."  We got to hear it twice today as we rode to the end of the new line, and then back to our starting place.  (Sorry, no photos-I wasn't expecting a photograph-able adventure, remember?)

Beck got a second dose of spontaneity when his dad came home while we were finishing up with preschool. Having to make an unexpected work trip up into the mountains, he stopped to pick up Beck and take him along for the ride.  They hopped in the work truck, fixed the problem, and then stopped at an abandoned train siding to play a game of "coal cars loading up at the watering station."  (I don't know what that is, but my husband said he took my lead and just went along with whatever game Beck had in his head).

What we did in school today:
Beck really wants to start learning about Halloween, but I'm just not ready so this week we're focusing on Autumn.  We collected leaves in the yard and then started this picture where we'll add a new leaf each Monday to study the changing colors...
and then made this leaf collage to hang in his room...

What spontaneous things have you done with your kids recently?

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