Friday, October 7, 2011

The End of Spontaneity

I can't believe I've made it through the first section of the Teaching Your Children Joy book without quitting or getting completely frustrated!  Rather, it's been such a learning and bonding experience already!

If you've read over the "Notes" page, you're already familiar with the way each chapter is arranged.  At the end of each chapter is a larger activity idea to implement permanently as a family.  As we head into the weekend, let me share the first of these activities with you.  Ponder how you can make it work in your home and continue having spontaneous fun with your little ones!

Create a treasure chest for special surprises.  Have a special lock on it that only mommy or daddy knows the combination.  Choose special times to give your child a treasure!  Ideas could be candy, an item from nature, a sponge to help with the cleaning, a special toy or book.

I'd love to hear how you've been able to implement these first lessons
 on spontaneity in your own family!

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