Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love this artist I found on Pinterest.  Click the image to see her portfolio.
Today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity was actually for us as the adults.  The instruction was to happily talk about the activities you're doing.  Ask questions like "Isn't it fun to...?" and  "Wasn't it great to...?"The idea is that anytime we interact with our child we should be helping them recognize what they're are thinking and feeling so it becomes a habit for them as they grow.  

At first I thought, "Of course.  Isn't that common sense?"  Initially I was thinking about it in terms of needing to teach them what they are feeling.  But, after I contemplated it a little while I came back to the thought that children are born with inherent joy and happiness.  I'm encouraging it in my teaching, but I'm not introducing anything new.  

My role as parent is to show them that all these activities, indeed anything I do, is making me happy.  In other words, teach by example.  Children live in the moment and exude joy in their total attention to what they're doing.  As they grow, if they see me enjoying the little things all around me and the activities I'm involved in, that interest in life will continue growing with them.

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