Friday, November 4, 2011

Education Mirroring Life

We did do a full school session today-math, letters, cut and paste; the first time this week...but then Beck asked if we could learn about motorcycle sidecars for school.  Resisting all my natural instincts to squash his joy and excitement, I cautiously said yes and then got to work figuring out how this lesson would come together.
You see, he got this new toy at our local thrift store today.   We made an agreement that he could have it if he didn't "be mean to Peyton" the whole time we were there.  He was the quietest boy he's ever been!  As soon as we'd paid for it, the whole story changed; his imagination for sidecars has not taken a moment's break!

For the lesson we talked a little bit about how the sidecar changes a solo motorcycle.  For example, 3 wheels instead of 2 and easier to balance but harder to steer.  Find a lot of great information here.

We loved these unique sidecars...
After looking around online, I discovered the sport of Motorcycle Sidecar Racing.  Absolutely insane!  Yet the first thing Beck told his dad about it was that our whole family was going to get motorcycle sidecars and then do motorcycle sidecar racing!!!

The great news is the sidecar race circuit comes to our local racetrack.  The bad news is we just missed the races and won't be able to see them here for another year.  Beck says that will be plenty of time to practice.  I guess I hope I get to be the driver...

Today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity:
Create an obstacle course and practice balancing, climbing, & flexibility


  1. I love the Volkswagon sidecar, too cute! And I've never really seen sidecar racing, but just watched the video, now I'm intrigued.

    I found you through the blog hop, and I'm new follower :) You can follow me back @

  2. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing with NOBH.

  3. wow..those are some cool sidecars! i'm your newest follower from the blog hop!

  4. How cool for you that he is asking about specific topics. What a neat chance.
    You found some great pics!
    I'm a new follower from the Mingle Hop.:)

  5. Oh that's funny, one guy steers and the other guys hangs on for dear life (while helping the bike to turn). Funny your little guy is so into it. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness!

  6. Fun to learn about something he is interested in. I am afraid if I taught my son this subject he would only hear about the dangers involved in motorcycles and how deadly they can be. My husband is an orthopedic surgeon so he tells lots of scary stories that happened on motorcycles. I pray my sons love for them stops at some point in his life. Thanks for sharing on monday madness.


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