Friday, November 18, 2011

Finishing Up The Joy of the Body

I'm really eager to get on to the next chapter in Teaching Your Children Joy, but today we're looking at second to last activity focusing on the body...making good food choices.

I'm lucky that both my boys love fruits and vegetables.  Beck's friends look at him so strange when he shows up for a playdate with a stalk of broccoli as his chosen snack, and last week he and Peyton got in a knock-down, drag-out fight in the front yard over an entire crown of the hearty green vegetable.  They definitely like their cookies and candy, but are just as content nibbling on bell peppers, an apple, or fresh berries.
Here are some of the ways I've helped them learn about healthy foods and "special snack" foods:

  • As I'm preparing dinner I have no problem letting them eat the vegetables as I cut them up.  I used to get upset thinking they would ruin their appetites, but then decided the important part was that they were eating the good stuff.  It doesn't matter to me anymore if they're eating it at the table or while we're cooking.
  • Awhile back Target had cute divided lunch trays in the $1 sections.  This tip is more helpful for me than for them, but having four different sections I have to fill at lunchtime has done wonders in getting them a well-rounded meal.  The portion sizes are right and it's fun for them to eat their way around the plate. (Check out these cute trays at Target and Amazon)
  • Grocery Shopping is a great time to teach about different types of food.  I like to cut images out of the weekly flyers and then give a few to Beck that he can "shop" for at the grocery store.  He's getting good at exploring the produce section!  
A fun activity:  
Gather the weekly grocery flyers, a brown paper bag, some scissors and glue. 

 Let your little ones cut out their favorite foods and glue them onto the bag. 

 Great opportunity for recycling, 
and now they'll have their very own shopping bag to fill on your next grocery run!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the personalized shopping bag idea :)

    I'm stopping by via the Sit and Relax weekend hop and now Follow on GFC :)

    ~ Jill


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