Monday, November 28, 2011

The Joy of the Earth

My initial thought in starting this chapter was this:

"Studying nature in December?  The world looks so boring and blah!"

I've changed my tune.  Of course the earth is beautiful in all it's variations seasons.  And, of course, looking at it through my child's eyes is helping me to see that beauty.

First things first, today we put the final leaf on our Autumn picture.  
We've been collecting one leaf every Monday since September and studying the ways they change as we get closer to winter.  The leaves are gone and there is snow on the mountains.  Winter is pretty close to being here...

Today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity:

Create a telescope and then use it to help your child focus on specific items or sounds in nature.

Beck LOVED this activity, mostly because now he has a telescope, but also for the things he got to see.  He convinced himself the telescope was helping him to see things bigger.  He looked at the dirt on the mountains, the pine needles under the tree, and the cactus in the garden.  

He even let me have a turn...

Studying the earth together is going to be fun!

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  1. What a great idea for seeing how the leaves change. I also love making little telescopes that way. Makes it fun for the kids to go on nature hikes. Thanks for sharing with Monday Madness.


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