Monday, November 14, 2011

Treat Your Body Like A...Car (Preschool Comparison Activity)

It's our last week of activities for the Joy of the Body chapter in Teaching Your Children Joy.  I have to admit I'm kind of ready for this section to come to an end.  A lot of the activities were things B had done before and we both struggled to be interested with quite a few of them.  Having said that, however, today we had a lot of fun.  I got an unusual burst of motivation and creativity and came up with this...


Today's and tomorrow's activities focus on taking good care of our bodies and today we did that by comparing our bodies to a car.  Rather than just talking about it, I found images for each of the ideas written in the book.

First we looked at a clean car and a dirty car...

Preschool ActivityPreschool Activity

Then we compared them to a healthy body and an unhealthy body...

Dirty CarUnhealthy Body

I used these outlines for the base of the poster...

[B&W outline of child]    Free car coloring sheets for your kids

To compare cars and the body, we looked first at what a car needs for each of the categories below, and then figured out what that would be for a human person. I had printed these images for B to glue on the appropriate side of his chart...

Good Food
ComparisonHealthy Eating
A car needs gasoline, a person needs fruits and vegetables.

Washing the Outside
ComparisonPreschool Comparison
A car goes to a carwash, and a person takes a bath.

Washing the Inside
Seat Tribu Concept - Interior drawingHomeschool
We vacuum to keep the inside of the car clean and brush our teeth to keep our mouths clean.

Keeps Things Running Well
  We take a car to the mechanic for repairs and take ourselves to a doctor when we are sick.

Rest & Sleep
The car rests in the garage at night.  Our bodies rest while we are sleeping.

B cut out the pictures, we talked about what they represented, and then he glued them on his poster (with a lot of being silly and trying to trick me by pretending to put everything on it's opposite side). 

 Most important thing? 
 To both have a fun time learning!


  1. What a cute comparison idea! Very clever.:)

  2. good idea. Kids need to know to take care of their bodies. Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness.

  3. I like your comparisons. I bet he will never forget after a lesson like that. Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.


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