Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Seasons (Especially the one I'd like to forget)

Is anyone out there in the same boat as I am...the boat where your children are OBSESSED with toys and presents and can bring any conversation back around to what they want for Christmas?  I'm seriously going to rip my hair out!

For today's Teaching Your Children Joy activity we focused on the seasons by making a collage.  I started by dividing a paper into 4 sections and having Beck practice his letters by writing out the names of the seasons.

Then we looked through our magazines for pictures that would remind of us each season.  Unfortunately our house is fairly barren of magazines.  Our choices were Time and Money Magazine plus one Family Fun.  I noticed Beck wasn't cutting anything and then realized he was only looking for toys "because they make me feel happy." Somehow we finally got enough pictures cut to fill our collage.

After gluing them on I had an idea to add a picture of Beck in each of the seasons as well.  We printed those out and I kind of half-threatened him to glue them on or I'd take away his Smith's MarketPlace Toy ad.  He did it begrudgingly and went straight back to his Santa's delivery dreaming.  I left the whole mess there and just walked away...
SPRING with rainbows, butterflies, budding trees, and Beck playing in the garden
SUMMER with watermelon, fresh tomatoes, leaves on the trees, and Beck at the splash pad
FALL with wind, the orange leaves, and Beck playing in the fallen leaves.
Apparently, he also sneaked a checkerboard on there
WINTER with a snowman, coats, gingerbread houses and Beck on his first day of skiing
Praying for strength to make it through this holiday "season"!


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