Monday, January 9, 2012

You Want to Know What?

Today's Teaching Your Children Joy focus is on asking and answering questions.  Specifically, listening and being available for all the questions your child is going to ask you throughout the day.

When I'm doing this, paying attention that is, I'm really really good at answering Beck and Peyton's questions.  That's how we ended up studying and learning about motorcycle sidecar racing.  I like to take their questions and interest-of-the-day and find activities and learning opportunities.  The days when I'm not doing it-when I'm preoccupied with cleaning (or shopping or the radio or the computer or a book or just myself) are always the days when I let myself be annoyed and the kids get bored, having taken my cues perfectly.

I'm trying harder each day to listen to the questions my kids are asking me.  Step into my world today:

"Mama, how are seals and walruses the same?"  
"Where do they live?"
 "Can I go see them?" 
 "And what about polar bears?" 
 "Why do they swim in cold water?" 
 "Can't they swim in warm water?"
"Do hospitals use red and white?" 
"So, then, that helicopter is going to the hospital?"
"Can I have strawberries?" 
"Can I have the mango things in the freezer?" 
 "Can I have a banana?" 
"Can I have a graham cracker?"
"When is Daddy coming home?" 
"Does he know I miss him?"

And finally,

"What are capers?"  I needed them for a recipe, but then decided not to buy them when I saw the price.  Two aisles further through the store Beck was picking up everything at eye level asking, "Is this capers?"  After explaining that he was holding jalapenos or salsa or tuna fish, I realized I needed to take him back to the aisle with capers and introduce them to him.

It was inconvenient.  I was a little annoyed.  But it was an important moment where I could choose to be a grumpy lady shopping with a boy or I could be my son's mom, teaching him something he wanted to know. We're having capers tonight for dinner.

What questions did you answer for your kids today?


  1. Love this post. I really understand the being annoyed and the kids being bored part. I was telling Jaycee yesterday to just let me get my work done, so that I could fully focus on her, instead of trying to do both! Isn't it amazing how annoyed you can get by questions when you're "just trying to get something done!" Good for you for going along with the questions. We'll never get this time back. We should spend it focused on our kids. But, it's sooo hard when there is so much going on. I applaud you!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy and make the most of those constant questions! :-)

  3. DS is a little young for questions yet (at 18 months)but I still try to take every opportunity to stop and teach him. I really think it is so important to remind ourselves that our job as parents we need to stop and take time to enjoy our children
    -sass (host)

  4. love this post- I too find myself getting annoyed at all the questions I am getting, cause to me they are simple - but then I sit and realize he is 4, and it is all new to him. I really need to take the time, and put away what I am doing to sit and learn with him.....

    thanks for the reminder!

    Stopping by from the SASA

  5. So true that it is easy for us moms to overlook simple teachable moments like capers. ;) Who knows, you may have sparked an interest in a future Iron Chef! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, as a former Kindergarten teacher, I am LOVING this post so much! Questions are SO important. I know my parents taught me to never be afraid to ask a question and that no question is ever stupid - some of my teachers thought differently, which was such a shame (and embarrassing!)

    My kids are both talkers and ask a billion questions a day....I can't think of one off the top of my head as I haven't had my coffee yet, but I smell a blog post coming and I will link to you :) Thanks!

    From ~SASS (host)

  7. I love this post! My child recently turned 3 and all of a sudden it's a total word explosion! All the questions and the talking ALL THE TIME are a bit overwhelming for me at times! LOL! Gotta love the things that come out of the mouth of babes though! :)

    Visiting from SASS!

  8. I really need to answer more, and be more patient. Mine are usually like an endless spelling bee. Mommy how do you spell ______________________ (insert any item, person, phrase they can think of). SASS

  9. Eating the Nibbly BibsJanuary 14, 2012 at 7:04 PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me! I was incredibly shy as a child and can't imagine that I ever went out of my way to ask my teacher one question. It makes me wonder now how they would have responded. I imagine with class sizes so large now, that teachers can be short on patience for an imaginative child...

    My 4-year-old is a "talker" too. Oh my goodness, his mind is always working. What a treasure to have creative little brains in our homes!

  10. I love the fact that you indeed had capers for supper. I was one of those children that quested every single thing and now have two children who ask so many wonderful questions. Its amazing to see now how a child learns through those questions that many think are irritating.-

    Thanks for linking up-SASS Host

  11. So great that you are exposing your kids to such a variety of foods!!! Good for you =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  12. So true... I need to slow down and remember I'm teaching a little person from scratch... does that make sense? LOL! SASS

  13. Amazing post. So very true. The days when I stop and listen to their questions and play off of their cues are full of joy. The days when for whatever reason I try and tune them out are the days that I end up wanting to pull my hair out. I'm annoyed, pestered and inefficient at what I'm trying to get done. I might as well go with the flow, listen to and enjoy my kids. Still figuring this out, and your post was a great reminder. - SASS


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