Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Then They're In Kindergarten

It has been a long time since I've taken a look at Eating the Nibbly Bibs.  Not a long time since it's been on my mind-there are plenty of times I feel guilty for slacking on teaching my little boys-but definitely a long time since I've done anything with them worthy of posting.

If you'll remember, I started this blog with a goal in mind of working my way through the book, Teaching Your Children Joy.  I blew myself away with how consistent I was in actually getting my boys together and doing the activities, and we were having a lot of fun!  So, why the sudden disappearance from the blogging universe?  I found out I was pregnant...with twins...two more boys...and preschool completely went by the wayside.

Well, the new little boys are finally here and it couldn't have been more interesting timing as I begin my new life as an exhausted mother of newborns, a two-year-old, and a five-year-old homeschooling kindergartner.  The goal is to continue working through the Teaching Your Children Joy book, but on a more limited basis.  Give me a month to get the hang of our new "school" schedule and I promise I'll be back with those activities and a whole bundle more!

Can you tell he's excited to be starting school?

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