Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mail from...North Carolina (Part 1-Friendship & Moving)

Recently my boys' best friends moved with their family to North Carolina to be closer to their grandparents.  It was a sad day for us all.  Driving home from their house the night before they would leave Beck and my husband had a tender conversation about how life changes from time to time.  It was one of those parenting moments when we wanted to wrap our arms around our little ones and protect them from all things sad that happen in the world.

The truth is, it was sad for me to.  You see, I am supposed to be the one who moves away.  I do the leaving.  Working in the seasonal hospitality industry, it was routine to move somewhere, make 2-3 close friends, and then wave good-bye as our contracts ended and we went on our merry way.  There are a few people I've kept in contact with over the years, but the reality of distance and time usually take their toll.  Thinking back on the wonderful people I've been blessed to know makes me smile and hold back tears simultaneously, but it's the life I had become accustomed to.

So when I tell you my boys' best friends moved away, I must also say that one of my good friends has moved away as well.  And it's a very new feeling to be the person left behind.  Not because there aren't other people to hang around with, and not because I needed that relationship to validate me, but because it represents everything new and changing in my life as mom of 4 settled down in American suburbia.

Beck, Peyton, and I of course have other friends.  Those old friends came into our lives when we joined their Joy School (which is where I first embraced Teaching Your Children Joy).  And now we've joined a new homeschool play group where we're getting to know a brand new group of people.  Our lives will go on, just not be quite the same.

How have you helped your children deal with a close friend leaving?    

Come back tomorrow to see our study
 of North Carolina and the history of flight!

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