Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Sense of Community

Do you have a "No Witches Here?" sign on your street?  That's what my kids think this sign is for-and not just because it was recently Halloween.  That's really what they think it's saying.  

Recently we studied about our community.

I used this classic learning tool activity to help Beck understand the relationships to where he lives.  Using cardstock and printing paper, the pages were labeled
  • Home
  • Town
  • State
  • Country
  • Continent
  • Planet

This is what we put on each page

  • Home: a drawing of our house
  • Town: a map of our local city
  • State: a map of our state
  • Country: a map of our country
  • Continent: a map of our continent
  • Planet: a map of Earth
I found each of these just by doing a Google search and each one had the previous place marked on it.  For example, an "x" marks our town on our state and our state is colored in on the map of the United States. At the end, we connected all the pages from smallest to largest with a simple brad. 

I know this is a very well-known activity, but I had actually never seen it before and we really loved it!

My favorite part of our community learning was teaching Beck his address! I was so surprised it only took him one day and now it's engrained on his brain.  It's a huge relief knowing that he has that important information in case he ever finds himself in an emergency.

We used this great printable from learn. create. love.

I taped it underneath a piece of plastic wrap and had Beck use a dry erase marker so we could re-use it throughout the week.

We had a lot thinking about our place on the planet.  And if my kids go to sleep at night feeling safe because we have no witches on our street, then that's okay.

What's your favorite way to focus on community?

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