Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mail from...Massachusetts (Happy Thanksgiving)

My first job away from home was on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, south of Boston.  While there I fell in love with New England.  Fortunately I still have all my photos from then because we haven't received our Massachusetts postcard.  It was fun this week looking through them with Beck.  And, of course he wanted to know if I saw a Black-Headed Chickadee (the Massachusetts State Bird) while I was there.  I can't say that I remember specifically that I did...
Sorry I'm not posting my own photos here,
 my scanner is being temperamental
Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock
Have you been there?
 It's one of the most disappointing landmarks I've been to,
but still a cool part of history.
Since the 1st Thanksgiving took place in this great New England state, I decided to go ahead and study it without a postcard to go along with it.  Somehow I am always too slow to get the fun popular seasonal books at the library, but this time it worked out okay.  Instead of silly picture books, we ended up with three non-fiction books that tell the real story of Thanksgiving.  Beck & Peyton have been so quiet and patient while we look through them, and I've caught them pretending to be Indians that help the Pilgrims find fish and food and arguing over whether there was turkey at the 1st Thanksgiving.  This time being to slow at the library has worked out for me.

To go along with our stories, I printed out some Thanksgiving printable crafts at  I've provided the links to each one below...

(They also had a pilgrim girl)

(This one was not worth the stress, 
and now I can't find the link, so I think it must be a sign)

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. I am always the last to get the seasonal library books, too! :) But, like you, the nonfiction historical books were better for us anyway. The girls love hearing about life in Pilgrim times, and we've watched a few Youtube videos, too.

    Love those printables. So cute!

    Visiting from Teach Me Tuesdays. I'm a new follower.


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