Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mail from...North Dakota & Kansas

My family does a lot of traveling.  It's a blessing we have and something I'm grateful for.  My kids love pulling out our photo albums and looking at the places they've been.  So, last week when we pulled out the postcards for North Dakota and Kansas, it seemed like a great time to remind them of some of the fun things we've done in those states.  In addition, we were learning last week about the Grand Canyon, which Beck can remember hiking around not so long ago.  All together, these three places made for a fun week of learning!

North Dakota
Years ago on a drive from Utah to Iowa via Yellowstone, we made a stop in Medora, ND.  It's the location of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and one of the coolest lodging accomodations we've ever stayed in...

Wooly Wagon

That's right, we stayed in a real covered wagon!

Inside the Wooly Wagon

My boys love Kansas, I didn't need to remind them of that.  Every year we go to a 4-day flea market in Sparks, KS with their cousins.  It's hot and smelly camping in a field and it's the most fun ever!  

The Grand Canyon
On a spur-of-the-moment decision two years ago, we met family in Arizona for 3 days of hiking.  Beck and Peyton did amazing!

Where are the places your children love to go?

Side-note:  I had no idea North Dakota and Kansas were so the same,
 but they share the same state bird (the western meadowlark),
 and while Kansas is the Sunflower State, 
North Dakota is the nation's largest producer of agricultural sunflowers. 

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  1. That is WAY cool!! What a neat experience. I am bookmarking to try and stay there when we travel that way =-)
    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)


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