Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zoob! Toy Building Sets

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Shortly before Christmas a few years ago I won a Zoob Building Set in a giveaway.  My boys were already getting Fisher Price Trio blocks from Santa Claus, so I put the set in the closet to bring out on a rainy day.

Well, it's not raining here, but it is FREEZING COLD!  We haven't been above 20 degrees in nearly two weeks.  Translate that into my kids have been stuck inside driving me crazy for more than two weeks.  Last week the choice was sell them to the gypsies (which they know is ALWAYS an option) or give them something new to do.  The Zoob building set has saved my sanity!

The set I received contained 35 building pieces and 5 instruction guides that build in difficulty. In less than a week B built every single one and moved on to making his own creations. P loves them too, but pretty much only makes perfectly straight swords or triangle "tents". The best thing about Zoobs is that they the join together as a joint, so the final product can be movable.

This is the "Circle Skier" Beck was most proud of at the end of his day of playing.  Since then we have added more sets and he has made a motorcycle larger than his brother, lots of robots & bugs, and a playhouse he could fit inside.

Building Toys

I love toys that encourage imagination and creativity.  I love toys that keep my boys entertained for long periods of time even more.  I highly recommend adding them to your "the kids are driving me crazy" rainy day arsenal!

Have a question about the Zoob Building Sets?
Let me know, I promise to answer honestly.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mail from...Tennessee

I wasn't feeling too inspired the day Beck pulled Tennessee out of his postcard pile.  My last experience with the Volunteer state is that of my husband being stuck in the Memphis airport while our twins were being born.  Adding to my lack of enthusiasm, the Tennessee state bird is the mockingbird, which we've already studied.

Luckily, the nice child who sent this postcard included a long list of songs related to Tennessee.  They included:

While we were listening to these and a few others Beck informed me he did not want to live in Tennessee because it was not peaceful.  I was reminded that he does not like to have a lot of music playing.  He doesn't like the radio in the background for sure.  Since we were listening to Tennessee songs he thought that must be what living in Tennessee is like.

All in all, this lesson was a wash, but Beck did really enjoy this video...

Tell me, what is Y-9D?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mail from...Alaska

I LOVE when I have an idea for an okay lesson that Beck gets carried away with and pretty soon we've come up with something pretty cool!  That's what's happening right now-I had animal flash cards to divide into groups by number of legs or stripes/no stripes.  He, of course, took it a step farther and is now busily drawing an 11x14 "habitat" where all those animals can live.  He's amazing!

That's exactly what happened a few weeks ago when we pulled out our Alaska postcard!  (Oddly enough, the topic was animal related that day, too).  The postcard itself had no extra information written on it, but did have a cute cartoon of Alaska's baby animals.  I tested myself a minute, trying to remember the Alaska state bird and then was transported back to my time living there.  It really is a place where everything you hear about or see on tv is 100% real.
Alaska State Bird: Ptarmigan
We decided to use google images to find pictures of baby animals that live in Alaska.  We came up with photos for wolves, caribous, marmots, puffins, beluga whales, lynx, grizzly bears, salmon, mountain goats, and polar bears.

For an activity I found a simple tutorial to make a pop-up greeting card on Enchanted Learning.  I was excited to finally figure out how to do something as easy as that.  Beck's mind was running way ahead of mine and before I knew it we'd printed out all our baby animal images for him to put into his greeting card.
What was the last activity your children took eons farther than you had planned for?


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