Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mail from...Tennessee

I wasn't feeling too inspired the day Beck pulled Tennessee out of his postcard pile.  My last experience with the Volunteer state is that of my husband being stuck in the Memphis airport while our twins were being born.  Adding to my lack of enthusiasm, the Tennessee state bird is the mockingbird, which we've already studied.

Luckily, the nice child who sent this postcard included a long list of songs related to Tennessee.  They included:

While we were listening to these and a few others Beck informed me he did not want to live in Tennessee because it was not peaceful.  I was reminded that he does not like to have a lot of music playing.  He doesn't like the radio in the background for sure.  Since we were listening to Tennessee songs he thought that must be what living in Tennessee is like.

All in all, this lesson was a wash, but Beck did really enjoy this video...

Tell me, what is Y-9D?

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