Friday, November 20, 2015

Displaying the Multiplication Tables

"Mom, you know the periodic table poster I have on my bedroom wall?
 I wish I had a poster like that for times tables."

Is there a parent on the planet who wouldn't jump straight onto the Internet and try to fulfill that dream? It's not a toy or a video game!  In case I'm not the only parent with a child interested in math, I thought I'd share some of the option I found online this afternoon...


This post does include affiliate links.
Purchasing from them may result in a small income for family.

The one B will want...
Quantum Prints-Etsy
Variety of sizes starting at $10.93
Printed on white archival paper
A vintage-inspired option
My Bearded Pigeon-Etsy
36x24, $51.25-several colors available
Cotton Fabric
A traditional laminated version
Another laminated option
36x24, $12.00
This would be a fun one to mark mastery levels
20x20 with a variety of medium options
starting at $17.19.
Dry-Erase Fatheads Decal
LOVE Fatheads, such great quality!
24x24, $54.99
Alternative to a poster:
 Bulletin Board Set
Monster Families for 1-12, $15.00
Which of these would your kids love to have on their wall?
Pin one to share with your friends!

Prices subject to change.

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